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Wholesale legal statement

London, 8th December 2020

Dear customers,

Thank you for all of the positive comments! We are delighted to know that Ditty Bird is one of the most popular interactive musical children's books in the US, Canada and Australia. We appreciate all of the interest and support from our loyal customers and we intend to continue to provide fun and educational products that children will enjoy.

Unfortunately, it has come to our knowledge that a buying group in Toronto, Canada, L. in Lin GoGoGo (WeChat name: L.inLin; Liam), is doing a pre-sale of our Ditty Bird books without our authorization.

We have never received an order from this group in Canada nor in the United States. In fact, L. in Lin GoGoGo has never contacted us. Furthermore, this group would not be given authorization to sell our Ditty Bird books as their conduct is against our terms of agreement, which is abided by all of our resellers:

  • All distributors and resellers must be appointed by MEMA Publishing Ltd; unauthorized sales are strictly prohibited.
  • MEMA Publishing Ltd manages all the inventories of Ditty Bird books globally. None of our warehouses are permitted to send any of our products to unauthorized resellers.
  • L. in Lin GoGoGo acted against our MAP (Minimum Advertising Price) policy and abused our regulations of sales and promotions, misleading customers in every aspect. Not only are their actions unauthorized by us, they are also exercising unfair and unethical business practices. Therefore, we encourage anyone having purchased some DITTY BIRD books via L. in Lin GoGoGo to cancel their orders.

As an early childhood publisher, I sincerely care about the reputation of our products that I have created and the integrity of our business ethics. We look forward to working with new resellers but anyone who have violated our terms of agreement will be prohibited from our reseller list; we also preserve the right to pursue legal actions.

We will keep encouraging consumers to purchase our interactive Ditty Bird book series from our official website,,, stores to avoid piracy or scams from unauthorized sellers and suspicious sources.

  • Any retail store shall require express written approval from us, our sales representatives or country distributors.
  • Any group sale event shall require express written approval from us or from our regional exclusive group sale distributors.

If you have any question or concern, please contact us: 


Director - MEMA Publishing Ltd